Ok ok, the title is deceiving a bit.  It should say make money online with one tactic… at a time.  This is where making money online growth comes into play.  Do not go all over making websites, pay per clicks, and everything you can think of.  Do one method at a time.  Once you have it down, and it is making you solid money, then move on to another way to make money online.

I made the mistake when I first started working online, of trying about 50 different methods at once.  All you do is wind up feeling horribly unorganized and seeing no results.  Not to mention all your work will seem very lackluster.  focusing on one method at a time will help you stay organized and very detailed.

 But most important when making money online – do not neglect what you started.  Once you have more than one method going, be sure to maintain all of them, not just your most current.  This does not mean you will spend hours upon hours working, just an hour a day or so, make each day for another method that you are managing.  And you should be fine. 

There are some great tools to use when it comes to working at home.  When making money online, ways to get traffic are very important.  Myspace can be a very good way to start making money online.  I bring in about $50 a day with it, which is not bad for a free way.  When you use myspace, fill in your info, don’t just make it a spammer profile saying “check out this site”.  Be personal, so that people know you are a person, not a robot.  Also, try friend adders, there are always free trials so you will never need to buy one.  Myspace is great for a way to start.  Join the groups and other methods.  I hear yuwie is getting popular so I will try it soon.

 When writing blogs, don’t make fifteen of them with one post each.  Make just a few, and post often!  I know I am being hypocritical because it has been so long haha.  But I am back on it folks!  More good, quality posts leads to more visitors, which is what you want.  Average Joe’s has great lessons when it comes to blogging.  But keep posting, not making new blogs.  And give it a bit of time, a few days to start getting any significant amount of visitors.  Stay tuned for more lessons.  I will write I promise! haha

A mistake all beginners make when trying to make money online is that they want to market a product that will make them the most money per sale.  99% of the time, that means the product is EXPENSIVE, and thus drawing less buyers.  As a beginner, you will notice, you are not an expert in making the most money online.  What did I do as a beginner?  I marketed a product that sold for $200, where I would receive $100 per sale.  Do you know what happened?  I made no sales of that product over a month.  I did begin making money, selling a $5 product, where I made about $2 per sale.  Granted, each sale made me almost nothing, but the advantage was big.  The cheap price lead to many more sales.  I made $30 in three days with it.  This may sound like only a little bit of money, but it was a start.  Using a low cost product to make money online is key for beginners!  It allows you to tweak your styles without much affect.  The phrase “the product sells itself” is true to an extent.  The less it costs, the more it sells itself.  The more costly products require more marketing skill.  For example, people are prone to buying a $5 product, for the fact that it is cheap and they are willing to determine it for themselves.  But selling a $200 product, THAT IS AN INVESTMENT, and people are unsure.  Your job is to convince them to be sure and to buy.  As a beginner to online marketing, you will not likely be very good at convincing people.

 When you market that $5 product, you can tweak your ways without big affects.  And if you notice that sales skyrocket when you tried something new, then you have made progress.  This shows you that you have found a tactic that works well.  As you try these new tactics, you can often find what works and what does not, while still selling the product well.

 So as a beginner, be sure to try a cheap product and new tactics, it may result in more sales.

Essentially, this lesson is simple:  Don’t sound like a robot.  There are  many different ways to make sales.  You have seen all the pitch pages with success stories, from debt to riches, was a contruction worker now a millionaire.  Don’t be like that!  This is not to say that those approaches to affiliate marketing don’t work, in fact those approaches work well.  But it may help you to be different.  Maybe you make a personal connection with customers, maybe you interact more with them.  Generic will not help you much.  Those rags to riches stories are all to common, and though they make sales, many people find them overworked and are tired of the same thing over and over again.  Personally, I like to help customers with a phone call or by email.  That could be a tactic of yours as well.  Whatever you do, try to be different, as it will set you apart.

On my blog, https://marketinghelper.wordpress.com, you can find a program on the left called Google Payload.  This, two weeks ago, was new to me.  When I looked at the google payload page, it sounded REDICULOUS.  It claimed someone can make $9,000 daily!  But as I read I found it does not promise this, it implies you will make a few hundred a week, maybe a few hundred a day.  Google Payload had captivated me, and I felt I must review it.  So I took the plunge and got the program, without knowing exactly what it does.  Google Payload proved to be something different than the norm.  This program was no Pay Per Click tutor, it was a pay per click seller.  It teaches you, not to waste your money paying for clicks, but earn you money selling them.  At first this seems quite complex, but I quickly caught on to the program.  I used the methods and then strolled away, focusing on emails I had been sent, and my youtube account which needed tending to.  At this point, I have reviewed so many programs, I rarely get excited to try a new one.  So instead of checking it before I slept, I just went to bed.  Woke up the next day, did a bit of work, ate breakfast, then finally checked it.  Imagine how surprised I was! In my first 24 hours I had made $256.17.  So I decided to pursue this.  The program had paid for itself within a day, so I decided why not.  I put all the methods into work, and just a few hours later, I had made $120.33 more!  I admit now, this program excites me.  Google Payload does more than just help you earn, it helps you earn in a new way, which means big earnings.  I have now had it for two weeks, and my earnings are, well, near scary.  I admit I have put in a lot of work, about three hours a day maximum, but $3096.54 later, I’m more than pleased!  Not bad after the initial investment of $77, which most of goes to charity if you get it.  You can check out google payload by clicking the link on the left.  I loved it, and still do, so hopefully you will too.

I have placed much trust in the programs that I suggest.  As a matter of fact, these programs all work extremely well, namely Profit Lance and Google Payload.  Those are on the left of this page.  Although I would suggest those over anything, I am offering a deal.  With the purchase of google payload or profit lance, as I recommend, you get 10 free money making ebooks valued at over $400.  Yes, I will send them right to you.  That is spending $77, to get over $400 worth of merchandise.  Also, google payload and profit lance have money back guarantees.  So you have nothing to lose!  this is to help give you that little extra push to get into it! 

 Both programs are legitimate, just view the comments to see what a couple readers have had to say.

Tell me which product was purchased, by emailing me at mymoneyhelp@yahoo.com I will send you 10 Ebooks for free.  They include how to make money online, drive traffic, sales psychology, and more.  These books are valued at over $400 but they are free to you!  Just into the holliday spirit!

 Be sure to add my email to your safe list as sometimes the Ebooks cause the mail to be marked as spam.

As you know, this blog is to help everyone make money they dream of online.  I am constantly updating to give you the best information possible.  For this reason, I have added a new section to the toolbar on the left.  The section is called Best Trusted Programs, and it consists of the most highly regarded affiliate programs.  To determine their regard, I searched multiple forums for reviews.  I also purchased the products myself to test them and found success.  I also submitted the programs to many fellow internet gurus and they all provided the most positive reviews.  These two programs are Profit Lance  and Google Payload.  These are getting more popular by the day and getting more reviews of success.  So these truly are the most highly regarded affiliate programs.  both pose competitive prices at $67 and $77, which is less than many of the affiliate programs out there.  Feel free to look.  More lessons to come!

Many people are interested in making money with surveys.  Although it is not my style to do paid survey taking, many people asked me to take a look at a couple of the sites.  So I looked at Get Cash For Surveys.  This site was very simple and offered a few great deals.  They also offered tips on how to make the most money taking surveys.  I asked a few people to try it out and they were pleased as well.  I was able to make about $100 in just a few days work, as well as those I asked to try it.  By the end of the week, I had $225.  I am very pleased.  You can go check out the program, I placed a link on the left.

 Another site I tested was free.  It was called AWSurveys.  I was very pleased with this as well.  Although they did not have a lot of surveys to start with, they were very simple.  It was to write a simple two sentence review of a website, and get paid $5 a pop.  I loved this because this survey site was free.  It also has a link on the left.  Feel free to take a look.

I do not normally post on this, however I felt it was necessary to get this knowledge out.  Taking surveys online was not something I was experienced in.  But I decided to try it out and wound up very impressed.  Using Survey Scout (on the left toolbar), I was able to make $550 in two weeks.  At first the surveys only paid $3 or so, but I took them and by my third day, I was making $20 per survey.  I decided to post a video about it on youtube. 

 I suggested the product to people as I do now.  A few people emailed me.  One young man by the name of Justin, was able to make $150 in four days.  Another young lady named katherine made $200 in five days.  So I figure this program is worth a look.  It is on the left side of this page.

I have not written in a bit, and I apologize for that.  I have been a bit busy lately.  But this lesson is about niches.  You MUST find the people who want what you have.  This is one of the main parts of making money online.  Now, this is very simple to do.  Two minute profits, which is on the left, is very helpful in this field.  However, Average Joe’s also does a great job of it. 

The first part is to find your people.  For example, you are selling xbox 360 accessories and games.  You need to find xbox 360 players online, who want your product.  To do this, you find forums, groups, and blogs about xbox and anything related.  You then make sure your content is relavant to the subject, and also place link to your site, and EXPLAIN what your site has.  No one hates anything more than a seemingly random link. 

 Myspace can earn you money if you find groups with the same topic as what you offer.  For example, find xbox 360 group on myspace, and post a topic just as you would in a forum.  It is very simple.  Two minute profits is great to help you when it comes to google.  It teaches you how to get the right keywords to work for sales in your favor.

 I know this lesson is short, but two minute profits can explain it much better than I can.  Also, Average Joe’s has that involved in its lessons.  I will post again soon!